Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Turkey Fun

Today we did a few turkey related activities, as I mentioned in the previous post we taking the week off from doing the alphabet so we could do some Thanksgiving related activities.

We made a paper plate turkey that was from a kit that I got at Micheal's. It was a simple directional gluing craft. It came out pretty cute. Alex still needs a lot of help getting the pieces in the right place, but seems to do better when I lay the glue down for him. I think he came out pretty cute.

We also played with some homemade play dough. I got this great play dough idea and recipe from Counting Coconuts blog.

 At first we used a turkey cookie cutter, but that got boring fast. So I made 2 balls, a large one for the body and a smaller on for his head, we added some googly eyes and Alex had a lot of fun adding all colored craft feathers.

The feathers were tickling his face. LOL

The weather broke for a bit. We've had rain and dreary, cloudy weather for almost 2 weeks here, so we decided to go outside and play. I quickly made up a batch of turkeys that I could hide around the yard so Alex could go on a turkey hunt. He loves any kind of hide and seek or scavenger hunt games so I knew he would be a hit.

 For these cards I just printed a clip art turkey and taped one colorful craft feather to the back. I gave him a little bag to collect them in and off he went.

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  1. Very cute! Those are some long feathers! Thank you for linking back to me. :)