Wednesday, November 10, 2010

B is for Bubble

~Alex is 32 months~
Tot School

We read Sesame Street's Bubbles Bubbles
I think I got this a couple years ago in the Target dollar section. Alex still likes it. It has cute rhyme and illustrations.

We also watched these videos. B is for bubbles a classic Sesame Street clip and Salamander's Bubble Counting Song.

We attempted to do some bubble painting. Alex ended up taking a sip of the soap bubbles through the straw, gagging and then throwing up. (Worst Mom of the Year award here)  So if you try this make sure your little one doesn't drink it! Alex is fine, he drank some juice, ate some snacks and quickly recovered. Hopefully I didn't traumatize him about using straws.

Before the incident photos

Then we tried to do some bubble stamping. This didn't work too well either. You are suppose dip a paper towel roll or tp roll in paint. It is suppose to create a bubble that you can stamp on paper. Our paint didn't make bubbles but Alex had fun making circles anyway.

I got these bubbles at Michael's and we decided to check them out. They are suppose to last longer then regular bubbles and not leave a wet sudsy mess. They do leave little sticky white spot on things though. We had fun though chasing and catching them.

and of course we played in the sink with some bubble bath

Lastly we lined up some paper bubble in order of size. I found a bubble clipart and just printed out a sheet with 6 different sizes and then cut them out. Alex had never tried sizing items before and he did surprisingly well once I told him how it was suppose to go.

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