Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Magic Peppermint Seed

The other night our elf Christopher left some supplies to grow a Magic Peppermint Seed. It was a really fun activity for Alex.

The cute printable labels I got from here. The planter is just a Terra Cotta plant pot that I painted with red, green and silver polka dots. The North Pole Potting Soil was granulated sugar with some green and red gems from Michael's.

The North Pole Fertilizer was some Christmas themed confetti also from Michael's.

So I read Alex the directions and he planted the magic peppermint.

The next morning when Alex woke up a candy cane had grown!

Our Elf Has Been Busy

Christopher our visiting elf has been quite busy. He's created a little mischief and brought a few goodies too.

He got into the marshmallows and made a snowman

He came back from the North Pole with a Magic Peppermint Seed

He tried to help wrap some presents, but wrapped himself

Naughty elf drew on Mommy's and Daddy's photo

He had a snowball fight with Buzz Lightyear

Christopher got into the cookies, but left a fun little cookie matching game

He decorated the tree with Alex's underwear

He left us a gingerbread house klt!

He cut up some snowflakes and left a can of instant snow

We found him taking a plane ride

Monday, December 5, 2011

Elf Mischief

Well, our elf Christopher has been quite busy and mischievous. Here are some of the places we saw him this week.

He made a "sugar angel"

He did some fishing for Goldfish crackers

He left a magnetic snowman on the fridge

He set up a train track and left a note reminding Alex that he was going to see Santa that night.

Here he is hanging on the computer desk...Santa sent Alex a special PNP email

He got caught playing a game of Candyland with Mr. Potato Head, Baby and Bunny.
I will post next week with all of Christopher's elf antics. Hope everyone is having a great time with their elves too.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our First Annual North Pole Breakfast

Our visiting elf "Christopher Pop In Kins"

A new tradition.
Checking out the jingle bells that the elf left on the table.

We had such a fun morning. One of Santa's elves "Christopher Pop In Kins" arrived to stay with us and set up a North Pole Breakfast. I had seen the idea on Pinterest. I knew it would be so much fun.

For breakfast we had Snowman and Reindeer donuts.
Snowman and reindeer were made with leftover Halloween M&M's and pretzels.

Our elf left a cute little elf straw cup for milk.

Christopher elf also left a note and new pair of Christmas pj's for Alex.

 Alex is having so much fun with the elf. He's told everyone about him and that they can't touch him or he will loose his magic. Once in a while when Alex isn't looking Christopher moves around the house. Alex is so excited to find him. We read the book that came with him and we watch the Elf on the Shelf tv special that was on the other night. I dvr'd it for him. I will be posting about all the places we find Christopher each morning.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hand and Foot Print Turkey

Well if you've read any of my previous posts you will know that we love to do hand and foot print art. So I came up with the idea to make a Thanksgiving turkey. Alex did yellow, orange and red hand prints as the feathers and then I painted his foot brown with orange toes for the turkey's body. We added some googly eyes, a paper beak and wattle.

We have also been reading a bunch of fun Thanksgiving books this week.

Monday, November 14, 2011

I Heart Faces {Autumn Splendor}

Its been a while since I entered a photo challenge. The theme over at I Heart Faces is Autumn Splendor. I took a bunch of cute photos of Alex playing in the beautiful leaves at the park, but this is my favorite. He's laying in the leaves with his arms spread wide. I love the contrast of the orange leaves and his blue shirt.

Thanks for looking and check out all the other amazing Autumn Splendor photos at:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween Wrap Up

Yay! Our computer is finally fixed! So here is a few photos of what we have been up too. Mostly Halloween stuff. We will be back on our regular school work soon continuing on with Letter F.

We went to a Pumpkin Festival
Alex decorated his pumpkin

Played some pumpkin bean bag toss
Face painting

ghost face painting


Alex made some Halloween cards for his Great Uncle and Great-great Aunt
We made a Haunted House for the wall. Just black paint, some craft foam and some scrap cardboard. More on the fall tree in a later post.

We added some spooky Halloween creatures in the windows
We made a cute Frankenstein out of a TP roll. More on that here. Just a better photo.
We of course carved and decorated our pumpkins.
This is the pumpkin we grew in our garden. Alex painted it with a stencil so we could use it for some cooking.

Alex wanted to help carve the pumpkin too. He practiced on some scrapes.

Alex and our owl pumpkin
I made Alex a Halloween lunch. A hot dog mummy, a banana ghost, a skeleton marshmallow, a pumpkin bread with orange colored butter and some ghost milk.
Here is a couple more photos of Alex in his fireman costume. He loved Halloween and wanted to got trick or treating every night for a week afterward. LOL