Sensory Bins

September 2010
Autumn Theme

This box contains cracked corn (from the ethnic aisle in the grocery store), fall colored gems, fall silk leaves, funnel, plastic spoon, a couple small containers with lids, a small wooden basket, a pumpkin scented candle, some artificial gourds, a piece of ribbon, some acorns, a couple pine cones and 2 small fuzzy turkeys.

October 2010
Halloween Theme
I used the same cracked corn and black funnel from last month. I added a scoop, 2 small pumpkin baskets, some stretchy mice and spiders, some Halloween erasers, spider confetti, some purple and orange pom poms, a skeleton noise maker and a dollars store bag of creepy crawlies.

November 2010
Construction Theme

In this I used 2 bags of polished rocks from the dollar store, a $3 dollar construction set (trucks, signs, city/road work picture and a small building,) half a paper towel roll,  and a small container with lid.

December 2010
Winter/ Christmas theme

Everything in it came from the Dollar Tree. It cost $5 total. It has cotton balls, some glittery craft foam snowflakes, trees and snowmen, 6 jingle bells, 12 Christmas themed erasers and 2 snowman boxes with covers.

January 2011
Valentine's Day Theme

It has cotton balls. red pom poms, some small red and pink heart containers from Target dollar section, mini mailbox from Target dollar section, and some little heart links from the party section at the Dollar Tree. I also made a little envelope with a pink craft foam heart inside to fit in the mailbox. Total cost to make $3.

March 2011
St. Patrick's Day Theme

 3 bags of Green Split Peas
Yellow and green cups (used for dying eggs)
Small funnel
2 green spoons (leftover from a b-day party)
5 Green snakes (leftover from Halloween)
some yellow gems (leftover from fall bin)
A handful of gold stones (these were from his construction bin and I painted them with some gold acrylic paint and added some glitter)
A few green felt flowers
Stripes of craft foam in rainbow colors to create a rainbow
Rainbow foam letters to spell out ALEXANDER
2 paper leprechauns that I printed out and covered in contact paper.
4 shamrocks cut out of green craft foam
 Total cost was $3 for 3 bags of split peas, the rest of the items I had on hand.

April 2011
Easter Theme

Orange and blue dyed rice (5 pounds)
plastic Easter eggs
small wooden basket
wooden tongs
felt flowers
spiky Easter eggs (Target dollar spot)
Tic Tac Toe Easter Game (Michael's)
multicolored moonstones (clearance at Michael's)
transportation craft foam stickers ( a surprise inside the Easter eggs)
Total cost $6

May 2011
Garden Theme
Coffee grounds and espresso beans
Plastic play veggies
Terra Cotta pot
spade and rake (Dollar Tree)
Magnifying Glass (Dollar Tree)
Variety of plastic insects
Feather Butterflies (Dollar Tree)
Styrofoam (for the flowers and butterflies to stick into)
Texture brushes (that look like flowers)
Seed packet and espresso beans painted to look like seeds
Total Cost $3

July 2011
Dinosaur theme

sand (on hand)
plastic dinosaurs and rocks (on hand)
shallow dish with water (old cat dish)
twigs with leaves
small log
Cost $0

Beach Theme
DIY Moon Sand (recipe here)
blue sea glass (on hand)
red gems (from previous bins)
small shovel (on hand)
small sand molds (on hand)
Cost $0

September 2011
Astronaut/ Space theme
2 bags of black beans
astronaut and space toys  (on hand)
plastic stars from a necklace (4th of July favor)
balls of aluminum foil (on hand)
silver and gold pompoms (thanks to
Total cost: $2

Construction #2 Theme

Oatmeal 2lbs (Dollar Tree)
1 Cup of Water
Construction  Vehicles (On hand)
Popsicle sticks (thanks to
Total Cost $2

Valentine's  Day
Jan 2012

Red, pink and purple pom poms (thanks to
Cotton balls
Red and purple sparkly pipe cleaners (thanks to
Small heart boxes
Some hearts cut out of craft foam
A small mailbox
Some last years Buzz Lightyear Valentines