Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween Wrap Up

Yay! Our computer is finally fixed! So here is a few photos of what we have been up too. Mostly Halloween stuff. We will be back on our regular school work soon continuing on with Letter F.

We went to a Pumpkin Festival
Alex decorated his pumpkin

Played some pumpkin bean bag toss
Face painting

ghost face painting


Alex made some Halloween cards for his Great Uncle and Great-great Aunt
We made a Haunted House for the wall. Just black paint, some craft foam and some scrap cardboard. More on the fall tree in a later post.

We added some spooky Halloween creatures in the windows
We made a cute Frankenstein out of a TP roll. More on that here. Just a better photo.
We of course carved and decorated our pumpkins.
This is the pumpkin we grew in our garden. Alex painted it with a stencil so we could use it for some cooking.

Alex wanted to help carve the pumpkin too. He practiced on some scrapes.

Alex and our owl pumpkin
I made Alex a Halloween lunch. A hot dog mummy, a banana ghost, a skeleton marshmallow, a pumpkin bread with orange colored butter and some ghost milk.
Here is a couple more photos of Alex in his fireman costume. He loved Halloween and wanted to got trick or treating every night for a week afterward. LOL

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  1. Hi Emily
    I just hopped on to your blog in the passing and loved to have stumbled on it...
    You seem to be a wonderful Mom but mostly I saw your complete profile and could just relate to you w.r.t 'still searching your dream' and believing that 'childcare/ art teacher' maybe your calling... well I share your dreams and am tad emotional too...
    Also I have an almost 3 year old boy too and would love to share with him your wonderful ideas..