Friday, November 19, 2010


This morning we watched. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. It was actually on tv last night, but it was too late for Alex so I recorded it to watch this morning. I had never seen it before, it was cute. Alex enjoyed it.

There was also a little bonus cartoon called The Mayflower Voyagers

After watching Charlie Brown's version of the first Thanksgiving we made a shape pilgrim. I cut all the pieces out of contruction paper and then helped Alex glue them together. He is good placing the facial features (eyes, mouth etc.), but the other pieces where kind of hard for him to know where to place them.

Shapes we used

It was cold, but we played outside for a bit until Alex soaked himself with a container filled with rain water.
So silly.....

After we dried off we did some Do-A-Dot pictures of Pilgrims and Native Americans that I got from here.

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