Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Happy Halloween

Alexander wanted to be Woody from Toy Story. I was not impressed with the Woody costumes at the store or the price so I made him one. The hat was his favorite part. I found a long sleeve yellow t-shirt for $3. I used a fabric marker to make the red lines on it, and sewed on 3 black buttons.The cowboy accessories were $5 (hat, handkerchief, badge and belt) I found a pattern to make a vest here.  I made it out of felt and painted on the cow print with black acrylic paint. His Grandmother bought him the boots, which he also loves and wants to wear them all the time

This was Alex's first Halloween that I think he really got the concept.  In the morning we went to kids event at Haunted Acres. He had a blast, there was a trick or treating through the woods, a maze with silly characters to catch and a pumpkin reward at the end., carnival games and face painting. Some of the props were pretty scarey looking but Alex didn't seem to mind. The place is mainly a adult attraction.

Later that afternoon we carved out pumpkins.
Mom craved a little spider
Dad carved a creepy face

And of course we did some Trick or Treating. Alex got right into it saying "Trick or Treat" and "Thank you" at every house. We went with some friends, it was really cold but we all had fun.

Robin aka Wiley

Woody and Robin

 Hope everyone else had a great Halloween!

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