Monday, October 25, 2010

Shapes, Cars and Pumpkins

~Alex is 32 months~
Tot School

This week we are focusing on identifying basic shapes.

Alex wanted to read Mighty Machines by Mary Bjelobrk
We picked this up at a thrift store for like .70 cents. Its a nicely illustrated pop up book all about boats, trains, planes, helicopters, submarines and space ships, all things that Alex loves.

I made him some shape "race tracks" out of contruction paper. I thought this would entertain him a lot longer than it did (about 2 minutes), I may pull it out again later.

We played a fun game. I cut out some basic shapes out of contruction paper and layed them on the floor. I then played a fast song (Disney's The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room (Macarena Dance Version) ) and had him dance. Every so often  I would shut off the music and tell him to quickly pick up the ________ shape and put it in the bag. He thought this was a hysterical and we played it 3 rounds. He did pretty good considering we haven't really focused on shape identification before. Unfortunately I didn't get any good photos of this game though.

After we were tired out from dancing we did a piece of directional art. I had pieces to make a car pre cut and I told him where to glue and where to put the pieces to create his car. He did pretty good listening to directions. He got a little carried away with the glue, but then again this is also a very new skill for him.

Next we worked on some pumpkin washing. I was inspired to do this from Counting Coconuts post. My set up was very last minute, she had a much better setup and tools. Alex still enjoyed doing this for a few minutes.
Alex was trying to get into his paints so I decided to do an apple stamp with him. i had intended to do this project last weekend but never got around to it. We just cut a apple in half and stamped it on the paper. I added stems and faces for him and he added the green swirls.


  1. I love the race track shape idea. I might have to use this for my little guy. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the race track and the apple painting. Very cute :)

  3. I had never thought of using apples to paint pumpkins. They turned out so cute!

  4. We've played with racetracks in the shape of numbers - good for number order practice too!

  5. cute idea with the racecars....I have girls, but they love anything with wheels :)