Thursday, March 31, 2011

Searching for Spring

I can't believe its almost April 1st and the meteorologists are predicting ANOTHER snow storm. Where is the the warm sunny weather? Anyway, yesterday we went out and searched for signs of spring. They were there, but it is cold.
Crocuses were out

Even a few bees

Lots of Snowdrops around.

Alex looking for signs of spring
With a little inspiration we decided to make our own spring flowers. We painted coffee filters with water colors.

Sprayed them with a little water, to make the colors blend together a bit.

Once the filters had dried I twisted them from the center and added a pipe cleaner stem. We placed them in a vase.

We have a bunch of old medicine bottles that were on the property when my parents inherited the house. I love them and they make great vases. 

Since we had been talking about Spring we decided to read Hopper Hunts for Spring by Marcus Pfister (Author of The Rainbow Fish)

The books is about a bunny that thinks spring is a being and goes out looking to meet him. He of course doesn't find him, but makes some new friends along the way. It is cute read and has beautiful, soft watercolor illustrations.


A Game of Memory

Today was a lazy day. Alex had a evaluation for his speech. This is the second one. He had one at age two and they didn't feel speech therapy was necessary then. Now the speech pathologist feels it would benefit him. There is many consonants that he can not pronounce correctly and he is difficult to understand. Starting next week he will be going to therapy twice a week. So I'm sure I will be posting a lot of speech therapy activities in the future.

We did play a little memory game with our plastic Easter eggs. He really enjoyed it and picked up the idea quickly. I simply filled the eggs with pairs of the same object. Alex would open one egg then try to find the match. If no match was found I would close both eggs and we would start again till we found a pair. For objects we used bunnies and stones from his Easter Sensory Bin, green army men, some little dinos and some pink plastic hearts. You could use any small object. This was good practice saying what was inside the eggs and also talking about colors.


  1. Love that you used the army men in the memory game! They were a favorite of mine as a child!

    Going to check out that book! Thanks!


  2. The medicine bottles do make great vases! I'm ready to start hunting for Spring as well. He doesn't seem to want to make a lengthy appearance here and has been such a tease lately.