Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lots O' Green

We were busy today. We went to our Gymboree class in the morning and then came home and did some artwork. We made some potato stamp collages, did some color mixing, played with Moon Sand and played a Ispy game.

I cut a potato in half and cut out a shamrock shape
Trying out the stamp
Adding some glitter
We used some texture brushes too
Finished Shamrock

Green Collage
We did a little color mixing experiment. I filled two clear bottles, one with yellow colored water and one with blue colored water. I let Alexander pour them into a empty clear bowl to create the color green. He really liked this and wanted to do it over and over.
Oops...The last time didn't go so well. This is what I get for taking photos :/
We got this Moon Sand for Alexander a while ago. It is a big hit. It was blue and yellow, but now we mixed it together in a old tin and made a green color. Its kind of messy but a lot of fun, I'm pretty sure Alexander is going to love playing at the beach this summer.

I collected a bunch of Alexander's little toys that were green and put them all together in a bag. We dumped them out and played a Ispy game, where I would call out the name of something and he would find it and put it back in the bag.

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  1. Lots of great activities... love the splashing water photo ;)