Monday, March 28, 2011

B is for Bunny

In preparation for Easter we made a few bunnies today to decorate our house.

We made a paper plate bunny. I found the idea here. It was super easy and fun. Alex got to practice gluing and painting. Simply take 2 white paper plates, cut one in half and then cut a strip off of each half to make a bunny ear shape. Then glue them on the back side of your whole plate. Add eyes, some cotton ball cheeks, and a little bow. Paint the inside of the ears pink, add a pink nose and draw on a mouth.

We talked about the letter B and and used Do A Dot markers to color in a worksheet from Making Learning Fun.

We made some hand print bunnies. To make these little bunnies just paint part of your child's hand. We did the index finger and ring finger, because he has such small hands. Older children or adults could paint their index finger and pinky finger to create a bunny face. Use the thumb and pink paint to make the nose. I drew on the rest of the features with a black marker.

I came up with a quick game to practice letters ABC and numbers 123. I wrote the numbers and letters on some paper plates and placed them on the floor. I told Alex to pretend that he was a bunny and hop on the letter or number I called out. He liked this game. Next time I place the plates on the rug, because they were kind of slippery on the laminate floor.

Another game we played that Alex loved was sound matching with plastic Easter eggs. I got this awesome idea from Kerri at Elle Belle's Bows.   She has a great blog so check it out.

Fill some plastic eggs with some objects that would make a sound. Make a set of each sound. I used some rice, jingle bells and some coins. Have your child shake them and match up the two eggs that sound the same. He can then open them to confirm that they are the same items in both eggs. I have to find some other item to put in the eggs and play this game again with Alex. He really enjoyed this game and wanted to keep playing it.


  1. Wow! Look how much work you did! Where did you get your B is for Bunny page? Incredible work!

  2. The link to the B is for Bunny page is right above the photo. Thanks :)

  3. Great ideas! I love the bunny hand print. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow, lots of ideas here and it's only March LOL! I particularly like the hand printing - looks like lots of fun.

  5. I love all of this! We also made some easter egg shakers (haven't posted them yet), but I just filled them with 1 thing. What a brilliant idea to fill them with multiple things and turn it into a game. I bet he loved it!

  6. I love the handprint so much! E has only "allowed" me to paint her hand once without much success. I truly hope that she will let me try this one wit her! Too cute!

    Thanks for the link back. It looks like Alex is having way too much fun with the shakers. I love all the activities!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I have to confess - that hand print bunny is my absolute favourite!! HOW BRILLIANT is that - esp the idea of not painting the whole hand!!!

    Thanks for linking up to Kids Get Crafty :-) Hooray!