Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Full Moon

This evening we went out to witness the Super Full Moon . It was beautiful and I tried to take some photos but it is certainly way more amazing in person.The next time a full moon will be this big, Alex will be 21 years old, I can't even imagine. The moon rose in the east so we went down by some of our well known "Twin Lights" and watched it rise. It was pretty chilly, but well worth it. Mother Nature is amazing.
When we got home, the clouds had completely covered the moon. Alex asked "Where the moon?" I said "He must have gone to bed." Alex waved at the sky and said "Nite, nite moon."  So of course we ended the night by reading one of our favorite books.

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  1. wow! these are great shots!

  2. These are stunning! Your little one sounds like a cutie.

  3. Wow! Amazing photos!

    I just reserved a couple of your recent book recommendations! Thanks so much for sharing and your projects too!