Monday, March 28, 2011

Entering A New Decade...

A handmade card from my son and a yummy carrot cake from my mom.
Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 30. I am excited to see what my 30's will bring, but I also can't believe my 20's are over. Where did they go? They seemed to pass in a flash. My 20's had many high and low points. I started dating my husband when I was 19. We got engaged at 21. I graduated college at 22. I was married to my best friend when I was 24.

We welcomed our wonderful son when I was 27.

I made a few good friends along the way too.

I guess the high points outnumber the low points. I did I lose my Dad to cancer when I was 23, he was 57.  He fought the battle with multiple myeloma for 4 long years. Last year I also lost my grandfather 82, to diabetes and other health problems. Although not a death, I  lost a very strong friendship, because were both going in different directions with life. We had been inseparable since we were 3 years old. (We are still friends, but not nearly as close as we used to be). All were extremely hard for me but I survived, and I am stronger for that.

So with that said, bring on the 30's. I can't wait to see what you have in store for me!!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday!

    I am so sorry for your losses! I am certain that you are an amazing wife, mother and woman!

    The 30's have been the best for me (so far). I wish you happiness, health, and love during this decade and many more to come!