Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shamrocks and Rainbow Pudding

Today we made some shamrocks from a paper towel roll. Theses were inspired from No Time For Flash Card's four leaf clovers. Ours are are only 3 leaf shamrocks, and Alex wasn't into painting the centers. I didn't have any green pipe cleaners either, but besides all that they came out pretty cute.

Here is what we did:
Painted a paper towel roll green
I cut the dry painted roll  into small circle
I put 2 holes in the bottom of each circle and Alex laced them on a pipe cleaner
Form the circles into a heart shape then twist the pipe cleaner into the clover shape
Added them to a vase with some dried split peas
I also made some rainbow vanilla pudding in preparation for St. Patty's Day tomorrow. I simply split up the pudding and added some food coloring to make all the colors of the rainbow then layered it into a small clear glass custard dish. Alex ate lunch pretty good today (he's a horrible eater) so I let him try some early. Yummy!
Alex approved!!

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