Friday, April 1, 2011

Flying Chick and a Hopping Bunny

While web surfing I came upon a jumping cup project at Bloesem Kids. I thought that it would be a fun project to with Alex and adapt for Easter. So instead of a rocket and a frog, we made a bunny and a chick.

I cut out the parts to the bunny and chick out of construction paper, we used some yellow feathers for the chick wings and some silly googly eyes. Alex glued them together with a little guidance. Once they were dry I taped them to the jumping cup I had prepared.

To make the jumping cup you simply take a plastic cup and cut 4 slits around the rim. Take 2 rubber bands and cut them so they are no longer a circle. Tie a knot in each end of the rubber band. Then stretch the rubber bands across the rim of the cup and slide each end into one of the slits. The knots should hold the rubber band in place but I added a piece of tape on each knot for security.

To make the animals jump simply put the jumping cup over another cup holding it from the bottom. Let go and watch them jump!


  1. This idea is very cool... my boys would love it ;)

  2. This is brilliant! I love the action in it. I found your fab blog via Red Ted Art who thought you might like to link up over at the Resource Centre. It's a space for ideas to help teachers & some of these here would be brilliant! I do hope you will pop over!


  3. Oh my goodness this is brilliant! My kiddos would adore this. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. This looks like sooo much fun! My little guy would love this!

  5. Oh my, this put a smile on my face! HOW HOW HOOOOOOWWWWW Cute are these??? LOVE THEM!!!

    Thanks for sharing with us on Kids Get Crafty! :-)


  6. That is SOOOOO COOL!!! What a great idea! I have to try this with my kids. I love it!

    Thanks for sharing this at last week's For the Kids Friday Link Party! This week's party is in full swing. I'd love to have you stop by and join in on the fun!