Sunday, September 18, 2011

A is for Astronaut

 Our last letter "A" theme is astronauts. Alex loves spaceships and rockets so this was an obvious choice. He did a Do A Dot worksheets from Making Learning Fun
He also did a few worksheets from Homeschool Creations Astronaut Preschool Pack
Letter A search

Rocket sizing

Silhouette matching
We made a paper plate astronaut. I got the idea from here.

I made him a Astronaut/space sensory bin. He loves it!

I filled it with black beans. I added a bunch of his little space figures (most of them are from this Space Toob), a plastic spaceship, a little bouncy ball, I cut up a silver plastic star necklace that we got for the 4th of July and added all the stars, I rolled up some aluminum foil and added a couple balls of that, a couple of silver and gold pompoms and a larger yellow ball to represent the sun. The total cost of this bin was $2 for 2 bags of beans. We had everything else on hand.

For lunch I made him a star shaped pb&j sandwich, some star shaped watermelon and as dessert we tried Astronaut ice cream.

I got the the Astronaut Ice cream (freeze dried ice cream) in the camping/ hiking section of our local sporting goods store. I had it as a kid and it definitely wasn't as good as I remember it. lol

The related books we read were Astro Bunnies by Christine Loomis

and On the Launch Pad by Michael Dahl

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  1. I love the paper plate astronaut! Adorable. What a great idea to serve him astronaut ice cream too!