Thursday, September 22, 2011

B is for Balls, Bubbles and Balloons

Today was a lot of fun! The theme was balls, bubbles and balloons.

We did some baseball worksheets from 2 Teaching Mommies


Letter recognition

We did some bubble painting.

and of course we went outside and blew bubbles. It is great speech therapy activity for building facial muscles and directing air out of his mouth. 

He did two different types of ball painting. We used a large marble and rolled it around inside a plastic bin with multicolored paint.

We also went outside and bounced a paint dipped ball on some paper and made big splats, as Alex called them.

We did some balloon tossing and tried to catch the balloon with a paper cone that I made from construction paper.

I made Alex mini waffle baseballs, with a syrup baseball bat and the letter "B"

We read a cute book about baseball  86 Years: The Legend of the Boston Red Sox by Melinda Boroson (We are from Massachusetts)

We also read a book about bubbles and being stuck on the bathtub. Tub-Boo-Boo by Margie Palatini

We watched the classic Sesame Street clip "B is for Bubble"

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  1. Love the ball painting! We did painting with marbles this week too! I really like the bouncy ball painting. Such a fun idea! I am visiting from Fun For Kids Friday. Vicky @