Monday, September 26, 2011

C is for Construction

This week we will be focusing on the letter C. Since Alex loves truck of all kinds, particularly big construction trucks, I thought a construction theme would be fun.

For a messy play experience I mixed water and oatmeal together and threw in some little construction trucks and some popsicle sticks. Alex loved it. I got the idea from Momstown Arts and Crafts blog

He did a bunch of great construction truck themed printables from Preschool Printables




Size Sequencing
and a #5 Dump Truck magnet page that he colored with Do A Dots from Making Learning Fun.

He constructed a Letter C out of cardboard and brads. I cut out a letter C out of some cardboard. I then cut it into 3 pieces and punched some small holes in the spot to put it back together. I gave them to Alex with some brads and helped him build it.

He also made a shape bulldozer. It was a good shape review. He does pretty good with the basic shapes, but the crescent throws him off. I got the idea from No Time For Flashcards

For a lunch he had a bulldozer pancake. It was similar to the shape bulldozer with a couple of strange additions, some cracker wheels and a pretzel window. I also sprinkled on a few yellow nonpareils and a couple chocolate chips into the debris it is pushing.

Later in the day we went outside and Alex played with his construction trucks in his sandbox.

and of course we read books...

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  1. I love all of your ideas here! I featured your oatmeal sensory tub in my V is for Vehicles day. Just wanted to let you know ... can't wait to try it next week!