Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Doctor is In

Today we did a "D" is for Doctor. It was a lot of fun!

Alex did some printables from Homeschool Creations' Doctor and Nurse Preschool Pack
D is for Doctor tracing sheet

Silhouette matching
He made a paper doctor's bag. We used black construction paper and taped in some "medical supplies" ( a cotton ball, a band-aid, a tongue depressor and a piece of gauze).

And sadly Alex's teddy bear "Nemo" had a terrible accident and fell down the stairs. Luckily Dr. Alex made him all better.

Imaginative play is so important, we love playing dress up.

I am kind of hesitant to even post the picture of Alex's doctor lunch. It is not very creative and kind of strange combination. Tomorrow is grocery shopping day :/

Banana yogurt with star sprinkles, Cheerios, heart shaped apples, carrots with a doctor toothpick, and some graham cracker sticks.

For books we read:

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