Monday, July 11, 2011

Dino Eggs

We are hopefully headed towards 1000 Islands tomorrow. Alex has a fever though. Ugh. He has been so excited to see Prehistoric World just over the border in Canada. Every day he asked if we are going to see the dinos. So a couple weeks ago I made him some dinosaur eggs. We just cracked them open today. I have seen it on numerous blogs, but this is the recipe I followed. I'm not sure where it came from.

You Will Need:
21/2 cups Flour
21/2 cups Used Coffee Grounds
11/2 cups Salt
1 cup Sand
Up to 1 cup Water
** plastic dinosaurs
How To Make It:
Mix flour, coffee grounds, salt & sand.
Gradually stir in water until mixture holds together.
Use as little water as possible to speed drying.
Allow up to a week to air dry.
** Add the plastic dinosaurs as you are forming the rock, so that
when you crack it open, out pops a baby dino

Add water till it is like a play dough consistency

I think I added too much coffee they were very brown colored.

We let ours dry for little over 2 weeks, since it has been so humid

They were hard to open. Alex needed help.


  1. We did this for St. Patrick's Day (Blarney Stone) and the kids loved it. We actually did it again a week later they loved it so much.

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  3. these are so FUN! :) Have bookmarked it for when I do my Dino unit!

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  4. We will be doing this during our dinosaur week, for sure! Pinning you right now!

  5. Just stopping by to say your Dino eggs are being featured on this week's Sunday Showcase! Love them! :)


  6. Great idea! I just did a dinosaur excavation activity with my oldest using Plaster of Paris but I like this idea even better.