Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bridal Shower Gifts

A very close friend of mine is getting married and today was her bridal shower. This couple has been together for many years and own their house together, so they didn't really need much for setting up their house. They didn't register anywhere either. It was recommended that we get them home improvement store gift cards. In my opinion that is useful but pretty boring, I wanted her to have something fun to unwrap. So in addition to a practical Home Depot gift card I made her a couple of little gifts.

The wedding day survival kit. I had seen some versions of this on Pinterest . I thought it was a great idea so I made my own. I purchased a pink case at Michaels for a couple dollars. Then a purchase a bunch of small travel items that I thought would be useful on a wedding day, deodorant, tissues, bobby pins, safety pins, makeup remover pads, nail file, breathe mints, band aids, moisturizer, lint pads, chap stick, clear nail polish, ibuprofen, chocolates, nip of Vodka and small bottle of red wine.  ;)

Lately I have seen a lot of alphabet photography, that spell out people's names or special words. I decided to give it a shot and went on the photographic hunt for the letter L-O-V-E. Here is what I came up with. The L lighthouse is a local landmark. The V lobster claw is because lobster fishing industry is a huge part of our community. The couple is also into gardening and nature so that was the inspiration for the O and E. I framed and matted them and added the couples names and their wedding date. It was a huge hit at the shower, I got many compliments on it.

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