Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Through The Viewfinder

For Mother's Day my wonderful husband and son bought me a vintage Ansco Rediflex camera. It is a simple twin lens box camera from the 1950's. Why would I want this? I have been interested in try some TTV Photography for quite a while. A quick definition of TTV Photography is a photo taken with your digital camera through the viewfinder of  a old camera. It acts as sort of filter. I have seen some very beautiful photos using this technique and was excited to give it a try. So here are a couple of my first TTV photos. I need to work on my "contraption." The "contraption" is something used to link the two cameras and block out any excess light. Right now I just have a crude piece of cardboard that is held together with some masking tape. I think will be this weekend's project. Anyway here is a few shots that I took. 

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