Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh Deer

So we have about 10- 15 White Tailed Deer that have taken up residence in or around our property. Its odd to us since I have lived here on and off all of my life and I've never seen a deer here. Now we have 15. They arrived on Valentine's Day and I have seen them every morning and evening since. They are very shy and sprint away at the slightest sound. I believe they swam across a river to get here. We live right on one. My father was a lobster-man and he used to tell us that he would see them swimming when he was on the way out to the harbor on his boat. I am sure they are hungry and looking for food. So far they seem to like our ivy and some purple berries that are growing on a bush next to our house. I was able to get a few photos of them through the window. They are not the best cause our windows are dirty and they have screens on them. Anyway thought I'd share some photos of our newest visitors.

Eating the purple berries. There are 6 in this photo 4 in front and 6 further in the back.

Eating the ivy growing on a tree in our backyard.

This one looks young.

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